Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pisa, now and then...

Now: Jan 2011

Then: July 2009
Dress: H&M
Sunglasses: from Korea

Leaning tower of Pisa gotta be one of most over-rated tourist spot in Europe.
The legend is true (the tower actually leans!!!)
But once you get there, you will spend more time watching other tourists pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa for funny photo ops than actually looking at the tower.
There is nothing much else to do in Pisa but look at the tower.
After my very disappointing experience in summer of 2009,
thought there's no way I'm comming back here.
Over a year later, I found myself back in Pisa again by popular demand of our guests visiting from US.
"Soooo, there's THE FAMOUS LEANING TOWER of Pisa"

Except reconstuctors made some progress on the tower,
it was still the same old, boring, slighty crooked tower that it was one and a half years ago.
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1 comment:

  1. haha you make me laugh!
    Next stop, Brussels? ne??????
    I will show you guys le beuatiful grande place, it is much nicer than the leaning tower of pisa, with the cutest cafes surrounding it and the best and i mean the BEST hot choc you can get anywhere in the world.