Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wells, Somerset

My husband and I first came across to Wells while watching the movie "Hot Fuzz".
With only about 10,000 residents, Wells is one of the the smallest cities in England.

Pictures were taken on June 25, 2009
St Cuthbert's Church, where journalist Tim gets splatted

Market Square

The Crown, The "Sandford" pub

Bishop’s Palace, where Angel meets the local worthies of the Neighbourhood Watch Association
and later at the nighttime meeting outside the Palace.

Wells Cathedral

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Padua "Padova", Veneto

Padova is a city in the Veneto, Northern Italy.
It stands on the Bacchiglione River, 40 km west of Venice and 29 km southeast of Vicenza.
It took us only about 30mins of driving from our house(costabissara, Vicenza) to the central Padova.
It was a perfect half-day trip for me and my husband.

Pictures were taken on March 26, 2011
 Jacket: Hyerim(from Korea)
Top: Target
Jeans: American Eagle(self cut off)
Shoes: Ollie

Basilica di Santa Giustina from Prato della Valle

Prato della Valle is a monumental space of extraordinary visual impact, with a green island at the center surrounded by a small canal bordered by two rings of statues.
It is the largest square in Italy.

Beautiful fountain in the middle

Street market takes place every saturday surrounding the square.
You can find everything from antique jewelry to flowers.

The Basilica of Santa Giustina

The Basilica of St. Anthony

Friday, March 25, 2011

The East Side Gallery/Oberbaum Bridge, Berlin

Pictures were taken on June 14, 2009

Top: Newyorker(from Germany)
Jeans: Express
Bracelet: Charotte Russe
Sunglasses: from Korea

Backside of the wall

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cheb, Czech Republic

Church of St. Nicolas

Cheb castle with the Black tower

Sedlec Ossuary "Church of Bones", Kutná Hora

Pictures were taken in November 2008

A brief history of the Sedlec Ossuary Bone Church,

In 1278, the abbot of the Cistercian monastery in Sedlec, henry was sent to the Holy Land on a pilgrimage by King of Bohemia. He brought back a hand full of earth and sprinkled it over the abbey cemetery, turning it into a sacred ground.

The word of his act soon spread and the Cemetery became a popular and desirable burial ground throughout Central Europe. The Black Death in the 14th century and Hussite Wars in the 15th century brought about thousands burials in the cemetery and the cemetery had to be greatly enlarged.

Around 1400 a Gothic church was built in the center of the cemetery to be used as an ossuary for the mass graves unearthed during construction, or simply slated for demolition to make room for new burials. After 1511 the task of exhuming skeletons and stacking their bones in the chapel was, according to legend, given to a half-blind monk of the order.

And finally In 1870, František Rint, a local woodcarver, was employed by the Schwarzenberg family to put the bone heaps into order. The macabre result of his effort speaks for itself.

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