Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bahamas, Nassau

 I hate having to be away from my husband. Missing him while he is deployed is almost unbearable. All I can do is think of the wonderful time we will have when we are together again. Words cannot explain how eagerly I awaited his RnR from Afghanistan. He was deployed from Nov 2009 to December 2010.
When he finally got his RnR Leave, we both wanted to simply go somewhere warm and quiet and enjoy each other's company.
We spent 8 days in the Bahamas. (3 days on the main island + 5 days on Cat Island)
It was everything we were looking for.

Our lil break from a long deployment.

Pictures were taken April 9~17, 2010
Strolling down the road on a rental scooter

Straw Market

Señor Frog’s,
Located right next to the cruise dock, it was packed with tourists.
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