Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[Hair]Faux Bob

Growing up my hair never passed my shoulder (mostly short bob).
Even that wasn't short enough when I entered elementary school.
My mom had my hair all chopped up like a boy's cut.
She wanted me to concentrate on study rather than styling my hair every morning.
She immidiately regretted this decision 
when teachers mistook me for a boy on the first day of school.
Then it was middle school/high school where "no longer than 2  inches below ears" was strictly enforced.
Maybe that's where my love for long hair began.
Because my hair grows very slowly, I just trim it twice a year.

Though I love my long hair, I have to admit. There are times when I want some drastical change. 
So here it comes, the best option to change my look without cutting the hair.

To create a faux bob...
First, you have to make a side part, make sure the part is not too severe. just slightly off center ;)
Then make a very low ponytail, secure with an elastic.
Twist the hair up, tuck the end of the hair underneath and secure with bobby pins.
And last use hair spray to hold the style and smooth the flyaways.
Tadaaa!!! Instant bob

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