Tuesday, March 1, 2011

[Flashback] My Korean wedding ceremony...

December of 2008...
We've been already married for few years then...
My husband was just back from Iraq,
and traditional Korean wedding ceremony was the gift from my parents.
Ceremony was held a day after we landed in Korea(we were living in Germany then)
in a small temple near my parents place(Daegu, South Korea)

My brother's friends, getting ready to carry my husband across the yard.
Thank goodness it was only couple hundred meters.

Before the ceremony, I was told to do whatever directions that my helpers give.
saying, just bow whenever they tell me to...
as simple&easy as it sounds, I had no idea how hard it is to bow when you can't use your arms!!!
Helpers were struggling so bad assisting me since I was like 4~5inches taller than them.
Exchanging gourd cup of liquor...
Both groom and bride suppose to drink only half, exchange the cup then drink all.
Signifies the destiny of the new husband and wife, and their harmony.
However my husband drank the whole cup,
so only empty cup came back to me. lol

Ceremony was beautiful and I LOVED my wedding attire.
I was glad I got to experience a bit of Korean tradition.
Especially knowing many Koreans prefer western wedding ceremony these days
and traditional wedding ceremony is one of the disappearing traditions of Korea.

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