Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Castello Estense, Ferrara

Castle Estense looks straight out of storybooks, complete with towers, moat, drawbridges and dungeon.
It was built by Bartolino da Novara in 1385, commisioned by Nicolò II of Este.
The castle, originally conceived as a grandiose fortress, was subsequently transformed
into a Ducal residence and adequately embellished.
After the Este family had left Ferrara in 1598,
the castle became the residence of the Prolegates, or Papal governors of the town.
At present it is the seat of the Provincial Administration.

Pictures were taken on June 11, 2011

Tiny gate to one of the cell... "watch your head"

prisoners' writing done with candle smoke

Garden of the Oranges

Ducal Chapel, ceiling decorated with the Four Evangelists fresco

122 steps up to the tower

 Ceiling of the Government Room

Coats of Arms Room

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