Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eagle's Nest(Kehlsteinhaus), Berchtesgaden

Pictures were taken on May 24, 2011

Crazy bus ride up to the enterance tunnel

Tunnel enterance

Inside of the tunnel
At the end of the entrance tunnel is a circular room which one enters the brass lined elevator
for the ride 407 feet up to the Kehlsteinhaus. Inside of the elevator was quite beautiful
with golden brass walls so shiny no wonder many people think it's real gold.
Unfortunately taking picture inside of the elevator wasn't allowed.

The arched terrace windows were glassed-in in the 1950s,
and the terrace today is used to display a photo exhibit on the history of the Kehlsteinhaus.

The fireplace was a gift from Benito Mussolini to Hitler.

Late lunch at the Kehlsteinhaus,
Today the building is owned by a charitable trust, and serves as a restaurant.

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