Thursday, June 30, 2011

Herculaneum, Naples

Herculaneum was an ancient Roman town destroyed by volcanic pyroclastic flows AD 79, located in the territory of the current commune of Ercolano, in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius.

Visiting Herculaneum is much simpler than Pompeii because it is much smaller, but never-the-less, just as fascinating and in some respects more so. In Herculaneum you can more easily see the physical effects of the eruption, the charred wood doors and windows and the massive amount of material that buried the site. Some buildings are still standing not only on the ground floor but up to the floor above.

Pictures were taken on June 19, 2011
Herculaneum from top

Hall of the Augustals

Forum bath house

House of the Corinthian Atrium

Boat houses, where archaeologists discovered 250 skeletons huddled close together.

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